Quick Update

As I have suggested over the past years I have been working with public documentation issues, there is no one quick fix for any of the facets each of us face in our own unique ways.

To those who have been awaiting more releases of meeting minutes that have yet to be published to the Internet, I arrived at the conclusion I could not keep demanding paper copies of the documents nor do I have an email address at this time.  As I am in the process of building the communication outlets for this project, including email, voice mail and other means, I am hoping to begin actively collecting and publishing no less than one years worth of meeting minutes for Alsip, Blue Island, Crestwood, Markham, Midlothian, Posen and Robbins at the beginning of December without needing to extract paper and ink from our municipalities.

As for those who have never before visited, this site reflects a work in perpetual progress based on and built from information contained within public documentation that hasn’t been truthfully available to the general public, as with the circumstances surrounding Crestwood, Posen, and Robbins, who all have absolutely no public documentation content in an online format, while other municipalities are trying to hedge their bets no one will spot a hand-written and crossed off agenda being uploaded using servers and services funded with taxpayer dollars.

It remains my intent to civilly shake these documents loose from their otherwise excessively obstructed positions so that the State of Illinois can continue to clearly separate itself from the line item behaviors and activities that sunk our State down to the bottom of the credit pile.

To assign core responsibility solely to the ambiguous relative to the Monster Known As The Economy recognized as Pension Debts on at least our books without pointing out how closed down the election cycles have historically been in Illinois, especially this coordinated and literally legislated lock down of access to information regarding laws and even the bidding process would be irresponsible and bereft of any cognizance and conscience on how such an imbalance could have cascaded into its current position to begin with.

Since this blog is not designated as a place for hot political debate, discourse and my sometimes controversial personal opinion, please feel free to visit the diary side to this public documentation library setting at http://only3minutestogo.wordpress.com.

In the meantime, my lack of steady and scheduled publishing still should not signal a disconnect from this presentation effort and that I remain faithfully committed to this next pursuit of happiness I have sunk my teeth into.

May we have the most open and aware election season this nation has ever experienced here in Illinois in 2013 with the public being more educated that ever before imagined by the algorithms currently telling us our heads should be hanging low for being so theoretically undeserving of credit in the marketplace at any and all levels.

Let us look at one another with strength in our eyes and restraint in our speech exercises so that our faith in our system comes shining through so conclusively, perhaps the rest of the world can begin to understand why it still is – and always will be – worth a good, extended and extensive intellectual battle every now and again to prove our system still exists in at least base level expectations and is working as well as can be expected under the current circumstances.

Our current public documentation condition holds the promise of potential employment on a significant scale, ranging from the vet to the veteran all the way to the bored and beyond, which is an exciting thought in light of these otherwise dire predictions Illinois will be nothing more than an unwanted and damaged appendage holding our nation back from providing quick and potent repair mechanisms able to alter the statistics towards the truth that Illinois always has been and always be worth investing in, no matter what political theatrics are trotted out onto these modern-day stages discussing matters of historical nature and platitude.  We have been host to civil division throughout much of our history, created and caused by the few and with hefty burdens upon the many and we still choose to stay.

That’s not stupidity or foolishness.  That’s a display of defiant courage saying we are still ready to take on whatever transpires each and every day, whether its NATO coming for a visit or parking meter contracts being challenged in public and private forums, from Civil War remnants all the way to Capone as but a matter of common name-dropping convenience.  Big or small, rural or urban, our State can draw on such a plethora of resources, 2013 projections do not need to be published based on the models that project what will happen if we leave this public documentation condition alone and negativity does not need to be manufactured to prevent the advancement of building both an online and real life library system containing municipal code books and municipal meeting minutes.  There are still real reasons for elongated pause and contemplation and yet I also believe we have the citizens to set the standards and practices for the rest of the nation to model from.

This is my wish.


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