A New Sound To January’s Natural Soundtrack In the Midwest: Thunder At Midnight

With a rare clap of thunder being the only momentarily startling aspect to this particular evening, it has not escaped me that my broadcasting rates and ratios with my blogs fell silent for the past month or so. And even with advanced metrix measurments, I’ll never identify the effects of such silence.

Therefore, to offer simple reason and rational behind the perception of delay, my launching blog space for The Code Book List, The Meeting Minutes Index and this blog (Only 3 Minutes To Go) was only a first stage point of origin to work from while I tried to evaluate whether or not I could bring a measure of success to reproducing public documents in a timely and responsive manner while producing original materials worthy of a price tag of some measure.

With a final determination in December being acted upon, I went ahead and purchased a domain name and a slice of space to store my original documents along with all of this other public documentation work I was doing that never made it to the online community, such as my notes.

The purchasing of the domain forced me to make additional commitments, which included a refusal to publish something just for the sake of publishing something right on schedule, hence the silence on the blogs.

Oh how I forgot how absolutely strange it is to translate a vision in one’s mind into a website using HTML!  It’s rough enough to custom design a blog, but at least that process is usually a more pick, point and click process rather than trying to remember what meta tag would trigger what types of responses in search engines as being far down on my own list of architecture priorities.  Meta tagging has always been sort of a last spit and polish shine to something I’m ready to leave alone for a while longer and having the form follow function has always been a top priority for me.

So when I am faced with my forms not functioning, such as the continued tug of technical war between browser rendititions of coding, I confess I do not tend to think much of returning to composing content for this site…or any site whatsoever other than what is at the top of my own checklist.

However, absent as I have been from this particular broadcasting source, it will remain my hope that any perceived lack of commitment to this conversation can be put to rest with what I have now taken live in its new home, known as My Pile of Strange and is located at http://www.mypileofstrange.com.

I certainly plan on weaving this blog into my site at some point, but for the time being I plan on spending my time finishing more original materials for the site, such as producing even more read aloud meeting minutes, original reports and workable indexing systems and my latest endeavor to produce at least one item with a slight price tag on it.  Make no mistake that I do not mind publishing content free for public consumption.  It’s just tough being a free agent artist with a strange grasp of public documentation as but one of a few select specialties. So with plans being developed for even an audio show or two not entirely about public documentations, I suspect these blog will remain more of a random outlet rather than a central repository, which fits in just fine with my own usage of space in digital format.

Therefore, I am excited to be able to suggest a visit to My Pile of Strange and hopefully in the near future, I can once again pick up on this thread, but perhaps you’ll be interested in knowing I picked up 61 municipalities rather than staying with the original seven I selected for this effort and I think The 2013 Election Collection will speak for itself without my having to constantly pump new information into the site to keep it relevant.  

After all, public documentation only happens to be something that I am good at interpreting.  It isn’t who I am as an artist or as an individual.

Did I mention I am still writing original music every now and again?  I still haven’t gotten my hands on meeting minutes from Markham, but I have a rough draft novelty tune waiting for a hand up from me somewhere within these pursuits of happiness I keep pouring out into the online community.  My Pile of Strange covers it all and certainly has been keeping me quite busy…

Happy thunder-filled Tuesday morning!


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