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Forgive me while I take a moment to celebrate on your time as this is a blog I thought I had lost access to a few years and well…woo hoo!

While a great deal in my own life has changed since this particular project was published in less than 60 days back in late 2012, its core function and foundation still remains clear and relevant even now in December of 2017.

This project was part of my effort to not only put forth legal groundwork explaining the various obstructions preventing me from performing a variety of tasks with what is supposed to be regularly scheduled meeting minutes, but it was also meant to take on a public allegation by now former Mayor of Alsip Patrick Kitching that a FOIA request was “unduly burdensome” become fulfilling the request meant duplicating 1 1/2 cubic feet of paper.

The trouble with that literal accusation against a sitting Trustee that was played out in the major press isn’t singular in its fault and flaw.

First, while the statement attached to the measurement of paper that would need to be duplicated might be factual in its most pure measurement form of the paper itself, the content affixed to the paperwork actually took only one ream of 8 1/2″ paper after the documents were cleaned up and laid out properly.

Next, the FOIA request was also demanding a copy of the Alsip municipal code book, which is part of why I decided to throw my own experiences into a few blogs during that time (including this one), as Midlothian had also declined my FOIA request to see a copy of that code book.  Government cannot obstruct the book of laws that gives them authority to operate, period.  There is no gray area on this mandate as anything less creates severely unequal access to the justice system.  So egregious as the decline was on my request a few years before this, this time it was an Alsip government official finding literal need to file a FOIA request to receive a copy of a book they needed to perform their day to day duties and then getting negative press for the request in the first place!

I could go on about the mental accounting that went into this particular demonstration/protest, but instead I would like to encourage every reader of content on this blog to consider what it means to your own community if your municipal laws were hidden from you…

if your meeting minutes were hidden from you…

if agendas were hidden from you…

Would it make you think that your Government is going a little excessive on the hiding side of a free and open system of governance…

Would it make you wonder if anyone could have a fair chance at running a campaign against an incumbent…

Would it make you wonder what deals are going on behind your backs…

Neither the Alsip Trustee nor I are criminals for our requests, but that’s not what Government would want the public to believe.

Bizarrely enough, there’s so much entrenched corruption in the southwest suburbs, it turns out these types of requests ARE real threats to Government when they are expected and even demanded to abide by the laws that govern over their municipal units…

But these are circumstances where the public is supposed to receive the protection services of Government…rather than receiving retaliation and retribution for such efforts.

Such is the tradition of the southwest suburbs…apparently irrelevant of who is in office at any given moment and time.

Alsip is still holding illegal meetings and Kitching is gone.

But at least Posen is finally in compliance.

So as you roam through the content on this blog, please be aware that some will be of straight-forward value and benefit, such as the catalog of Alsip meeting minutes in .pdf format while other demonstrations will be quite sophisticated and more actuarial-driven.

This is one of a group of protest demonstrations I have done online over the years and am quite proud of the results, most especially due to its ability to stand the test of time…with its content still having community-wide value to one and all equally no matter what year it is.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in the True Midlothian Valerie brand!  May 2018 be even more ground-breaking and revealing so that the wounded can actually start healing!


Midlothian Valerie Weiskirch

P.S.  For those interested in learning more about the illegal police action taken against me back on October 4, 2017 because I was about to announce a multi-million dollar fraud in connection with a fraudulent Crime Free Housing program here in Midlothian, please feel free to visit my main Advanced Midlothian Politics WordPress blog or my Advanced Midlothian Politics group on Facebook.



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