Legend to The Municipal Meeting Minutes Index

This Legend will be updated from time to time as need arises.  Currently provides acronym extensions for Village of Alsip Municipal Meeting Minutes Indexes

PDL# | Public Documentation Library Number

This number is assigned to each document to both anchor a chronological order as well as providing additional anchor points within a database design setting.

DBD | Document Born Date

This date and time stamp is the date and time in which the file downloaded from the Village of Alsip, Illinois website was created.  This date and time stamp can provide at-a-glance review of compliance consistency for any municipality, along with a variety of other trend-related visual aids.

DO | Days Old

This date acts as anchor to track the age of a document from the moment of creation to date.

BCD | Bulk Chronology Date

As there are many different means and methods to sort an array of data, sorting by a date in a simple numeric form allows for relationship building between the actual document.  However, when a date is spelled out in its text and numeric form, the sort loses chronological containment and switches to an alpha sort, which is ineffective for this type of document index.

TB | Total Bytes

The size of a file can influence a variety of variables and although many file management softwares perform an auto-rounding of the file size from bytes to either kb, mb or even gigabyte and terabyte sizes.  Convenient as this is for an average user, keeping the file size in simple byte tally provides more accurate storage space needs, along with a variety of other checks and balances available through this particular identifier.

FF | File Format

Adobe .pdf is the more common framework used by government, despite limited access issues, especially in the portable marketplace.  Microsoft Word .doc is another format, but not as commonly found as a file format for municipal meeting minutes.

Group ID | Group ID

Each municipality has a variety of groups that conduct meetings as prescribed by Federal, State and local laws, which includes a mandate to record the minutes of any meeting conducted using taxpayer resources, including but not limited to paychecks.

These groups are most effectively divided into Board and Committee identities, with identity assignments for topics and/or types of the meeting, such as public hearings or other special meetings not specifically mandated by the local municipal laws.

Location | Location

One of the trickier tracks to providing an effective index is being able to provide someone the ability to compare a variety of variables in a more side by side comparison.

For example, many existing businesses looking to relocate may be interested in viewing a few months worth of meeting minutes from four or five neighboring communities.

Even individuals can benefit from side by side comparison when seeking to influence their lot in life (at least real estate-wise!) while government officials can equally benefit from at a glance insight into other communities without paying expensive consultant’s fees to perform this task for them.

One single shift in local law in one area can have significant cascading effects on the neighboring communities and negative impacts are no more guaranteed or promised as would be the possibility for positive impacts with said shift.