Village of Alsip Illinois

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This Village of Alsip Main Index has been designed to contain the entire index and downloadable digital files for the Village of Alsip, Illinois, including board meeting minutes, committee meeting minutes, meeting agendas, public hearing minutes, inauguration minutes, TIF hearings and other special meetings hosted by the governing body of the Village of Alsip Illinois.

So although it took well over 100 hours worth of effort confronting quirks* and mismatched data issues, this time pales in comparison to time (hopefully) saved in relation to one and all equally having access to such critical and vital government assets such as municipal meeting minutes and the municipal code book.  For those who are curious how renaming files could take well over 100 hours and its a simple math equation.

How much time spent per document multiplied by the number of documents.

So although Alsip has the thickest library available online compared to Crestwood, Blue Island, Posen, Midlothian, Robbins and Markham, there were enough features entangled in each document structure to warrant an average of at least 15 to 20 minutes per document.

With Alsip’s Municipal Meeting Minutes Collection being close to 400 documents (as I said before, they do have the largest file count), this investment of time still doesn’t represent anything close to being finished as it relates to the documents being as accurately indexed as I am able to provide.

In further decoded terms, I can only do so much with each collection at any given moment, hence an emptier Municipal Meeting Minutes Collection Index for the Village of Alsip Illinois than what I would prefer having ability to provide at this time.

Therefore, although there may be seemingly empty promises being displayed on this page** (text with no hyperlinks), this index structure is designed to act as a draft template index for all 7 municipalities, as well as somewhat of a wish list – or perhaps a checklist of sorts – as to what I have been viewing in my own mind as to what is possible when it comes to these communities having more flexible access to the content of their municipal meeting minutes and their municipal code book.

So although I haven’t been able to pull together promises such as zip files being available for download, individual documents and summary statistics are now available for the viewing.  Please feel free to choose from one of the following sections below or use the Alsip menu at the top of the blog and of course there is always the search box for those who actually know what it is they are looking for.

Some of the cooler features not available on the Village of Alsip website include an Agenda only section and a breakdown of board and committee meetings together and as individual indexes.  If any of the Municipal Meeting Minutes Index codification is confusing, there is even a Legend area explaining some of the acronyms applied by Municipal Meeting Minutes Index to various facets of each document.

*  For example, every document in the municipal meeting minutes collection for the Village of Alsip fails a Searchable Side by Side Comparison pass/fail circumstance from a variety of levels, including a set of documents having been scanned from paper while the larger set still presented the fail symptom.  It didn’t matter the timeline distance between documents (two or more different authors/publishers/clerks etc.), something or other presented enough obstructions to a straight and clear read by a simple algorithm.

**As another example of the Searchable Side by Side Comparison Pass/Fail Test, changing the format of the .pdf file into a Microsoft Word document did not eliminate these obstructions, nor did saving it to a .txt, .rtf or even html format.  It’s like putting the documents inside of a glass case with an invisible sign saying “do not explore,” as with the Village of Crestwood and their posting these types of document in Village Hall in real life.

I do not believe these documents to be representative of gleaming trophies and they do not belong inside of real or even virtual glass cases.

Another way to put it would be to suggest that all copies of the Constitution of the United States are not to be touched and read…even though they are copies and not the original.  That makes no more sense than a glass casing around a copy of a public document in the location it must be presented in as prescribed by State laws.  The law only says that the documents need to be posted at the main municipal offices.

There’s nothing in the laws saying they can’t put it in a glass case and if that’s the only space available at the municipal offices…many of these offices are quite small and wall space is at a premium.

There’s nothing in the laws outlining any standards for publications, including section headers.

There’s nothing saying it must be published using one software format or another.

But there is one word in the existing laws that remains the focus of The Municipal Meeting Minutes Index.


That’s what The Municipal Meeting Minutes Index is all about.