The Point of Celebrating New Purpose and Identity

With each publishing medium, there are a variety of points that either make or break the medium as it relates to the publishing objective.

The main reason I remainded hesitant in publishing to this particular address was specifically tied into a feature known as a Feed.

There are a variety of options every visitor has as it relates to staying in contact with a site and one core facet of blogging intended to attract designers is the ease and simplicity of an end-user providing themselves a way of being alerted whenever there was an update.

This technology is partially driven by coding structures such as RSS and Atom which typically offers a blogger a variety of customizable features including but not limited to a headline only alert system or perhaps a paragraph or two attached to the headline.

As a designer for well over 10 years now, one of my own publishing announcement boundaries has to do with over saturation causing severe annoyance.  Because I find myself working sometimes at all hours and sometimes for hours at a time, I refuse to limit my desire to publish with a fear of waking someone up early in the morning with 30 alerts sent one after another.

Because of the larger objective I continue to work towards, I found it easier and more mindful of the visitor to leave these blogs as containers for my notes leading up to the launch of my new web site, while leaving open the ability to weave the initial purpose of this site into the larger scale I determined to be relatively achievable if I truly allow myself the full year to pull all of this informaiton together as I promised myself when I first launched My Pile of Strange.

Therefore, after roaming around more than just these original 7 municipalities, I believe it would be best to dedicate this particular location to all of the meeting minutes that I manually have translated into searchable text.

I’m not sure if it will take on full libraries such as what is needed with the Blue Island library or if it will remain a simple announcement and release site of minutes that have never made it into an online format as with Crestwood, but either way this blog will not be an active source of announcements of updates, rather I have opened a Twitter account under the at sign and MyPileOfStrange in which announcements will be posted, such as new releases, while providing limited observational notations from time to time.

Rolling Stone magazine has an incredible article out that pertains to the idea that because there are 14,500+ subsidiaries residing within the top 6 banks in our nation, it would take 70,000 examiners to pay equal attention to these 6 as it would take to pay attention to but one single local bank.

So with phrases such as Too Big To Prosecute being bantered about as modern buzz words to discuss such logistics, especially as it relates to sustaining some semblance of a system of equitable justice,

I figure the only way my reporting can be turned false is if in the next 40 days all of the municipalities on my list of 60 were to go ahead and publish their entire 2012 library of meeting minutes and agendas in a searchable file format.

Then I’d have to prove that they weren’t there when I visited in search of them, which I can do…but so can a whole bunch of other people as well.

More importantly, this would be one of those circumstances I could happily adjust to…not by deleting what I’ve left here in the past.

Instead, I’d get to write new headlines saying that they’ve been released from their bondage and that the bonds between local government and its people were significantly strengthened in a way unable to be attained sitting on the couch of a mental health professional in search of healing the wounds of intentional injustice and inequality for whatever purpose or reason the policy and procedure was in place and activated.

In closing, I believe one desperately needed step towards “fixing our mental health system” is recognizing that the Patriot’s Act is as much of a mental health examination option as the opinion of a local government official deciding A FOIA request represents a weapon and worthy of recorded punishment and that both processes do not possess any more objectivitiy than those who refer to the DSM for their profiling guidance for billing purposes.

To continue to blow past and dismiss the impact of this continued absence of books containing the laws supposedly bestowing serious powers of authority upon those quoting these books, while in some cases quoting other books to be representative of true laws to be followed above and beyond all other books of laws, remains one of the more absurd expectations of those currently holding this power of government, especially at the local levels.

The public does not need to be examined prior to releasing the text of a law they are expected to abide by.  They do not need to register their interest in the law, for those who read the text are not statistically likely to be searching for a way to ignore or exploit a law and that it is far more likely someone is interested in what it would take to follow a dream of theirs, such as a home improvement or perhaps the installation of a new business in town by a local resident.  They do not need to beg, borrow or steal the words they are being judged by.  They do not need to be put into the public eye as a person interested in government in any capacity.

We’re talking laws and the minutes from meetings that updates to these laws are discussed and voted upon.  We’re talking about agendas that government officials are expected to adhere to for not only national security components, but for local stability arguments and discussions that continue to produce critics finding rhyme to apply terms such as “loon” and “too risky” to my own extended reasons as to why I’ve returned to this particular topic rather than tapping into some of the more popular and familiar buzz words being tossed about as it relates to safety and security and writing something less at odds with the odds of failure every writer faces when they feel driven and compelled to compose something.  How’s that for a long sentence?

The laws need to be better attached to the conversations in their line item citations and not always these fancy nicknames that with one slight misspelling someone can be sent to an unexpected website.

Therefore, I am putting all updates to this particular blog on hold while I work on releasing more municipalities over the next 60 days.

Strange as it may seem to some, this administrative type stuff has mattered to me for decades, and I believe it has always mattered for mostly the right reasons, including securing myself a fairly reliable paycheck in exchange for following the instructions of those I reported to by applying 75+ wpm abilities with a variety of other elements to be an effective support provider to a large number of employers.

Therefore, thank you for your tolerance and patience with this particular matter being hand-crafted by my hand for all matters matter and all matter matters, no matter what I write or say is to be considered right or wrong as it relates to public documentation.

Here’s to an inspired February 2013!

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